Effortless UX at the heart of Bromma Blocks re-design.

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There were two big concerns with the Bromma Blocks website, both of which were having a negative impact on overall business performance.

The first concern was user experience. The online journey was congested and convoluted; lacking structure, direction and ease of navigation.

The second being a lack of identity. The website had a very generic look and feel, with uninspiring and irregular design across key landing pages.


The website was injected with life by utilising vivid and expressive colour palettes. We were able to position Bromma Blocks as not just a shopping center, but as a dynamic and energetic destination.

Paramount to the redesign was that the website didn’t lose its purpose. At the heart of the website there was an expectation from the user of:

‘I want to know what stores you have/do you have brand ‘X’ and what location is store/brand ‘X’?’.

Lets make something together.

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With improvements to site speed and technical SEO enhancements, gradual SEO growth saw incremental increases to website traffic, time-on-site and page-per-views.

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