A new visual look and feel that challenged the industry norms for Cavendish Clinic.

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Cavendish Clinic is a high-end aesthetic clinic, with several locations in affluent areas across London. However the look and feel of their website didn’t echo the uniquely elegant in-clinic experience the brand was renowned for. The offline experience needed to be replicated online.

Big, bold, lifestyle imagery would bring a fresh lease of life to the website; aligning with the brand positioning.


Wanting to move away from the ‘medical’ style websites we typically see in the industry, we crafted very much a visual response to the brief, creating a clear separation between Cavendish Clinic and the competition. The creative team worked closely with the photographers to create a library of portrait-style brand assets, striking a perfect chord between lifestyle and treatment credibility.

Carefully selected imagery using the body’s natural shapes and skin tones played on the ‘natural results’ Cavendish Clinic deliver to their patients, old and new. Strong, impactful imagery with eye contact, brings subtleties of empowerment and courage to the website’s treatment pages.

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SEO and marketing principles were ever present throughout this project, with treatment page content arranged to follow a clear user journey; of awareness and education, consideration and most importantly, conversion.

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