Creating instant recognition for Church Pharmacy, through distinct social media messaging.

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To create unique and instantly recognisable Instagram posts that are easily identifiable as Church Pharmacy. Deliver information rich, and actionable content to time-sensitive followers, both old and new.

As well as each individual post having enough clout to influence the user, independently of one another, a complete overhaul of the Church Pharmacy profile was needed, ensuring a unified profile in relation to colour palettes, type and visual direction.


Wanting to stay away from the dated ‘logo splash’ B2B marketing techniques, the Creative team worked on producing a distinct brand voice and visual identity, developing instantly recognisable designs and brand assets.

Carefully crafted copy ensured users were firstly, not drowned with information, and secondly, motivated to take action. Visuals and copy worked in harmony to create a distinctive, easily digestible and inviting profile.

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By creating a clear unique visual identity across all of Church Pharmacy's digital touch points; we were able to attract new customers, boost engagement rates, and increase brand awareness.

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improvement in Facebook CTA


improvement in social media cost-per-click


improvement in social media CTR

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