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Creating a new website is one thing, but increasing discoverability on Google is another. Apart from ranking against their brand keywords, the existing website had zero presence for generic keywords; these ultimately being the point of difference and key levers to growth across the SERP.

To position Docks Bruxsel front of mind for shoppers in and around the city of Brussels, it was vital the new website increased the positioning and rank for the key shopping terms relevant to the stores and brands, that occupy the units within Docks.


A strategic, phased strategy was executed.

Firstly the focus was on discovering and unpacking the generic keyword opportunities. Then combining these generic keywords with brand and long-tail phrases.

Overtime, Google associated these high demand, short-tail generic keywords, with the Docks Bruxsel brand.

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With improvements to site speed and technical SEO enhancements, gradual SEO growth saw incremental increases to website traffic, time-on-site and page-per-views.

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