Improved user experience for Gradwell’s target audience.

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Despite a respectable amount of traffic landing on Gradwell’s website, the business faced challenges in converting web traffic into sales. The standout concerns being a lack of design consistency and brand identity across the key product and service landing pages.

There was little logic and little thought to the website architecture and the content layout of the individual pages. The repercussions being a disconnected user journey and a confusing path-to-purchase.


The first steps taken was a thorough UX audit. The creative team could then understand the website’s barriers and restrictions to user engagement in granular detail. Unpacking both page analytics and Hotjar user-flow insights, allowed the designers to draw data-led UK recommendations to support an optimal and effortless user journey.

Global design language was crafted from the client’s brand guidelines. Ensuring a lucid look and feel across all landing pages. The result being, no matter which page a given user entered the site from, they were greeted with an instantly recognisable brand voice and familiar visual identity.

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Intuitive design and UX considerations were key drivers to building trust and credibility. Both of which lend a helping hand to increases in sales and revenue.

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