A multi-channel strategy to enter the UAE market for Maison Lutetia.

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Specialising in high-end hair transplant and aesthetic treatments, Maison Lutetia recently entered the Dubai market. However due to limitations and difficulties with the current web dev team, the website of Maison Lutetia did not deliver against it’s objectives - the user journey is difficult, convoluted and confusing.

Maison Lutetia is the best of the best. It sets the standard - the cost of treatments, and the service provided to the clientele reflect this. The look and feel of the new website needs to meet the expectations of the clientele.


The selling point of the Dubai clinic, is the expertise and experience of their Paris clinic, but available in the Middle East.

The Dubai website must be of a French style and Parisian twist. The decor of the Dubai clinic is very French chic, the website needs to replicate.

Maison in English is house, and Lutetia is the old French word for Paris. So the brand means House of Paris. The Paris clinic has recently moved into a new traditional Paris town-house, this building is now at the heart of the brand across both Paris and Dubai - the challenge was bringing this to life through the the new website.

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Naturally the UAE is a difficult market to enter. A multi-channel approach was needed to gain trust and confidence with the audience, and build the brand from the ground up.

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